Friday, July 31, 2009

Lingering Over Summer's End

I'm still devouring pages, but don't have positive comments about many of the books I have read in July.
Precious, by Sandra Novack has earned high praise on Amazon. I enjoyed it, and added four evocative lines from Novack's prose to my quote collection. The prose was enchanting and the characters stuck with me for a few days, but I was somehow unsatisfied by the book without being able to articulate how or why.
The luxuries of summer, time, recreation, and plentiful sleep, are waning. This time of year my dreams turn to workplace scenarios, preparing me for the transition back to lengthy days of work.

There's also a sense of urgency about completing my list of summer projects. Our attic and basement will be re-insulated next week, and there's some yardwork, painting and other improvement tasks to be done as well. Bit by bit, we're making our little abode more energy efficient.
(photo taken in New Town, MO--a planned community, in the new urbanism trend)

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