Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Week Ahead

Before jumping in to a new week, here's a look at the past seven days.
I read The Wonder Spot, by Melissa Bank, author of the better known novel Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing. In spite of its format as interconnected short stories, I enjoyed the book. The prose gets to the heart of each character and situation in an utterly sublime manner.
Little guy and I strolled around Hannibal, Missouri on Thursday afternoon. Tourism there revolves around Mark Twain.

We hauled ourselves up many flights of stairs to reach this light tower on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi.
The views of the river reminded us how lucky we are to live just 12 miles from the big muddy.
Hannibal has several statues honoring Twain, his beloved characters, and river life.
G also had a friend over to play this week. Their watergun battle took them through the woods, across the yard, and back to the kiddy pool for refills.
Another adventure was a trek to Wakonda State Park, in Northeastern Missouri. We swam at the beach, rode bicycle laps around the campground, toasted marshmallows, and slept with a view of the stars. I chose a site directly across from the playground and a bathroom, so G could roam with a sense of independence though I could easily keep him in view.
Summertime means good times!

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