Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cubby Kitchen Cabinet

In August, I built what I dubbed a "hanging pantry" . It fit many of my spices and sundry baking and cooking supplies, all in easy view, freeing up some valuable cabinet space. The problem was that we kept bumping into it, even though it only jutted out four inches.
Last weekend, after ensuring there was no wiring in the way, I put my jig saw to the drywall and cut this long, narrow inset, then taped and painted the area to match the surrounding wall. The space was narrower than I'd hoped. Usually there's about 16 inches between studs, but since there is an intake vent beside this space, it's rather small.Yesterday, I installed bracket strips so that the shelves would be adjustable. I also cut shelves and trim, then stained the pieces.Later in the day, ShadowBoy, my young assistant and I caulked and tacked the trim around the cubby, and stocked the shelves.We're pleased with the result, and glad to have foregone creating a cabinet door for it. Working around the phone jack wasn't much of a problem. Not all of my bottles, jars, and spices fit in this small space, however, so only the lesser used ingredients are stowed in this cubby.I had done a similar project a couple of summers ago, when I created this (currently sparse) display nook at the opposite end of the hallway. What I've learned is that I grow more patient about taking my time and doing things correctly with each DIY project I undertake. With the shelves pictured below, I was intimidated by the precision involved in installing brackets for adjustable shelves, and made them permanent instead. I regret that, and know that it was worth the extra time and frustration to make the pantry cubby shelves adjustable. Heck, I've already re-arranged them twice!It's the same with sewing. Once, I avoided zippers and button holes and the like. Now I understand those facets are well worth the risk of screwing up a project. Actually, the trickier a project is, the less likely I am to hurry and make errors.

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  1. I'm impressed!

    I love using every available space. Cubbies are so often overlooked.