Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recommended Reads

Often, I find great books by perusing lists on Recently, I've been enjoying the books of Caroline Leavitt.

Living Other Lives is about love and grieving, and the author has intimate personal experience with both subjects and the accompanying emotions. This is one of her best, and is not nearly the downer it sounds like!

Family concerns our need for ties that bind, and our fears about losing, maintaining, or tangling those ties. Told in multiple perspectives, this book represents the range of emotions concerning trust, betrayal, and loyalty.

I first discovered Caroline Leavitt when I found the book Girls in Trouble . It follows the lives of the main characters through years' worth of realistic and unpredictable choices, conflict, regret, and acceptance.

Coming Back to Me had its strong points, but it has been the book I've enjoyed the least from this author. The tensions among the three main characters were just right, but the scenario was entirely depressing.

For more thorough comments on these and other books I've had something to say about, see my reviews on Amazon.

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