Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sew Recent

I haven't listed any new items in my shop for quite some time. That's because I'm focused on embellishing clothing right now. In my experience, clothing doesn't sell well on Etsy. My wearable items get loads of hearts, but it's understandable that people want to try clothing on and see how it feels and looks.

At the StrangeFolk craft fair this fall, the first tree branch jacket I made was my most admired item. It was displayed prominently and drew people to my tent The jacket sold within hours. Before the delighted and adorable shopper who was exactly the right size, a dozen people tried it on and asked if I had more. At the time, I did not. Next time I will.

The first blazer pictured is from Maurice's and has a batik tree skeleton on the back. I chose to leave the front of this one untouched.

Next, is a decade's old menswear corduroy jacket with lapel and back panel embellishments constructed from a log cabin flannel print quilter's fabric.
I'm not sure how well men's jackets will sell, but I plan to have a few ready just in case. I fear the lapel diamond feminizes it, but who knows-- perhaps a fair lady will choose to buy and wear the jacket.
The last pictures are of a ladies J. Crew pant suit with a calico tree and leaf applique.
The pants were too hard to put on the dress form, but they match and prove a slimming combination.
I've got eleven more clothing items to match up with appliques (doves are coming up next) and then I'll have to shop for more. It's a great mix of labor and pleasure, this project!

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