Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Good Book about a Bad Thing

I bought this because I mistakenly thought it was a new Chris Crutcher book, and because the teaser on the flap sounded intriguing.

Instead, I discovered a "new" author who has woven a complicated, emotionally truthful book that takes seriously how very seriously teens take remarks to heart.

The topic of suicide is handled frankly, yet somewhat reservedly, and ultimately blames the only person who can be justly blamed. The positive effects of the tapes on the lives of the grieving are deftly emphasized, and may transfer to the lives of readers.

I will tell many students about this book, for they deserve good books-- even on topics that frighten us all.

One complaint: If I'd been Asher's editor, I would have axed the intro chapter.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read.

    Rug up & keep warm with all that snow about. Brrrrr. I'm actually sitting here perspiring in the middle of our summer!

  2. I'm curious. Why did you think it was a Crutcher book? Because Chris blurbed it on the back? Just curious. But I agree with you, it is a good read.