Sunday, April 5, 2009

Etsy Shopkeeping

Today I realized that I'd never finished going through my inventory and re-stocking my Etsy shop after a craft festival last September. Whoops! I knew I'd been neglecting my shop, but didn't realize just how badly. I've got many more t-shirts to photograph and list in the store as well.

Lately, my interest in making bags and purses has resurfaced. I've got a custom order to work on, and plans in mind for all of the gorgeous fabrics I bought while on vacation. It'll be slow progress until summer, but stay tuned.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I was just going to stop in to leave you a comment on your comment on my blog, but I didn't realize we had even more in common. I used to make purses/bags like crazy, but have left it behind a little. Anyway, here is what I came to say . . .

    You have a creative writing class, too?! Do you get to teach just creative writing to a group, or do you have just one big English class like I do. I am the only English teacher in grades 8-12, so I just have them as classes called English 8, English 9, English 10 . .. You get the idea. About once a week I include a creative writing assignment of some kind. I am home with a sick kid today, so I am dying to get back to school and see what they wrote. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I have a English teaching blog ( ) where I try to rant a little (hehe) and share some good links and ideas. Stop in, if you'd like. I'm going to follow you. You seem like an interesting girl!