Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

By happy coincidence, I managed to pick up more Jiffy pots and seeds yesterday. Soon, these pockets of dirt and flower seeds will look like...
this! These are some of the veggie seeds I started three weeks ago. It's so much more affordable--and rewarding-- to grow plants than to purchase them.

Thanks to the latest issue of Garden Gate (a fantastic, ad-free gardening magazine that comes hole-punched for binder insertion) offered this handy tip: drill holes in the cap of a laundry detergent (or in this case, ketchup) bottle for a handy watering can. How's that for reducing, re-using, and recycling? Click on the link to subscribe or request a sample issue.
In one month I'll be able to plant these babies outside. Ah springtime. I do love to play in the dirt. Hopefully all three hundred thirty plants will survive.
Let's love the earth today and every day.

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