Thursday, May 29, 2008

And it burns, burns, burns, the big bonfire...

After returning our rented dumpster, we generated more construction refuse. The "solution"? Have a bonfire. It was not without environmental guilt and trepidation, but it was effective. And oddly pleasing. I felt primordial satisfaction and pride in building a raging fire. The process is not something a good camper forgets, even if she hasn't had a camp fire in years because she wants to preserve the ozone.
In a matter of two hours, the wreckage was diminished to a pile of ash. End of confession.

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  1. Missed this post the other day.

    It is satisfying. We have a fire ring. I have an old bench, ringside, to sit on and enjoy the blaze. Lots of dead limbs and tumbleweed to clean up. Sadly, we can't burn here until winter.