Friday, May 30, 2008

Sewing Day

Today I made this bag. I'm thrilled with the way a belt I found secondhand matches the fabric and makes a great strap, and I really like the interior pockets, the quirky boxiness of the bag's shape, and the cuffed lining around the top. I'm not so thrilled with the way it hangs. My poll question (to the right) is: Do you think I should offer this bag for sale?As I was ironing the final crease in the flap, this ginormous spider stepped up and frightened me so badly that I shrieked. My impulse was to stomp on it, but I didn't want to clean the carpet after such a violent murder. I dumped my stainless steel sewing foot bowl onto the ironing board, scooped up the spider and ran him outside. He sat, stunned, in the same spot long enough for me to run for my camera. I've never encountered a spider this large.


  1. Cute style! I really like the flap.

    I always make three or four proto-types before I get a new style right.

  2. I think it looks good hanging on the chair...what don't you like about it hanging from your arm? Photo, please.

    That spider would have made me scream too.

  3. thats a big spider... I got bite by a spider on my leg last week and I have a huge welt on my right leg behind my knee. I dont know if i could have resisted the kill haha - good patience.