Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Shakespeare" is the Etsy search term for today!

I'm headed to Shakespeare in the Park tonight, for Richard III with a bus full of teens who enjoy such outings. It's a last-day-of-school tradition I started when I took over the sponsorship of Literary Guild.
JBlackdesigns is a new favorite shop of mine, filled with literary treats. This photocard bears a message well worth delivering.
I adore this quotation. In fact, it's one of my tattoos. EasyLifeProductions lets you choose: art print, mini-print, card---no matter what, it's yours for a low, low price.

Urbanbead offers this groovy pendant. Wear it to publicly demonstrate your affection for The Bard.


  1. Good ol' Will

    Sounds like a fun outing

  2. that sounds like such a fun adventure. when I was in high school we had an annual party called the Bard's Bash where everyone dressed up like some one from the Bard's plays.