Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cardboard is the Etsy Search Word Today

GreenerGrass has created an assortment of amazing gifts, from magnets to clothespins, to pocket placemats. I like the simplicity of this sign, and the message as well.
Remade creates postcards ("Box Card Children"--what an awesome, nostalgic name) from cardboard branding. She's also got clothing, wristbands, and totes.

Cardboard cupcake by artonthemenu! A whole menu of foods ala cardboard is available.


  1. Cool cardboard!
    Though, I do prefer my cupcakes of the chocolate variety

  2. my fave is the cardboard one at the top. i really like the saying! i came to your blog from la alicia's blog. i checked out your etsy shop and hearted a few things!!!

  3. Great blog and very cool stuff !