Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fabric Belts

Today, I was inspired to create cute belts from fabric and pretty O or D-rings. Whenever I have what seems like a new idea, I search Etsy to see if it's already been done. Turns out I'm not an original thinker, but few Etsians are offering newly made fabric belts.
MountainAshDesign offers 6 "sustainably handmade" belts to make you say "wow".
Among the handbags and accessories, MelissaMoze's shop offers 14 groovy belts embellished with vintage pins, or flowers.

Katwhitt offers Amy Butler fabric belts in her adorable tote, handbag, and accessory shop.

CBStitches offers 30 different belts in an array of cute and mod fabrics.


  1. Love the ones from MelissaMoze's shop

  2. These are very neat belts...I want some new ones for my jeans for school in the fall so now I know where to shop! :-)