Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Friend's Book Has Been Released!

Check it out: Playing with Matches, by Brian Katcher, is now available in bookstores! It's my friend's first book.

If you enjoy looking back at adolescence with a sense of humor and some psychological bandages for the painful truth about the choices we make at that age, check out Playing with Matches (or better yet, purchase it)!

(Brian, I hope it's okay that I shared your MySpace page with the blogosphere!)


  1. Thanks a lot! I appreciate the publicity!

  2. Will have to check this book out..I did the same for my cousin's book..Bloodlines..he has another coming out soon..If we back can get people to read them, wouldn't it be nice? Heck, we may not be Oprah, but we can try..ha,ha..

  3. congratulations to your friend! nice book jacket!