Friday, July 18, 2008

Packing and Shipping

Re-using boxes for shipping does not always translate to "ugly". I find clean, undamaged, plain brown and white boxes all of the time, inside other packaging. This box came inside a commercial box that held a file cabinet dolly ordered for work.I certainly overdid the stamping on this one, but usually keep it to one of each of these three: a "thank you," my business logo, and the reduce-reuse-recycle slogan. The rough corrugation on this box made it tough to get the stamps to look clear and even, which lead me to keep going, and going. (Address removed to protect customer privacy)
On the inside, I avoid layers of plastic, tissue, popcorn, or any other unnecessary filler. A simple ribbon, personal note, and item tag with care instructions is all I include.

I know there are many who feel my style is too minimal and therefore lacking panache or taste, but when I receive over-packaged items it is a major turn-off. I don't like having to recycle or re-purpose all that garbage, I don't like thinking about having paid extra for that crud, and I don't like sorting through a package of miscellaneous whatnots like cheap samples, piles of unrelated business cards, or promotional junk just to find what I bought.

That's my mind, and it's not changing! :)


  1. I like the way you package your items.

    I generally have to use some type of filler as I rarely have fabric items. But I like your items tied with ribbon...and the stamps on the cardboard box look great!

    "Less is more."

  2. It does look great. I like the simplicity of it. I'm concerned about packages getting wet in transit, so I still use a reusable plastic gift bag inside for wearables and such.

  3. Good for you! I think everyone should try and recycle whatever they can. Every little bit helps. I don't understand people who are offended by recycled shipping supplies. If it's clean and in good condition, what's the problem?

  4. I'm with ya. I love your stamps, too... very nice.

  5. I so agree, I don't want to pay extra for fancy packaging. Mind you I spent so long reconstructing a box for an annoyingly sized knit this morning ready to post, I could probably have bought half a dozen if I considered the cost of my labour!