Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Treats

The fruits of my labor:
An old spice jar filled with perennials.

An olive oil jar with perennials and nine bark leaves.

I always try to fill this hanging vase beside my kitchen sink. Flowers are such a treat, it's worth all the weeding. Home made bread is also worth the labor. (Pardon we pajama-clad bakers!)


  1. I love your flowers--I'm such an awful gardner, but we do have a neglected wildflower garden (they're made to be neglected, right?)

  2. Beautiful flowers! Home made bread is the best. Yummo!

  3. I'm trying so hard to keep something growing besides body fat and grey hair! So far I have a little succulent garden that seems to be doing well. Your flowers are lovely and bread is my weakness-see above: body fat! :D Cheers!

  4. I don't miss all the work of my previous garden...but I do miss all the perennials available for bouquets!