Monday, January 26, 2009

Craigs List Addiction

Craig is my homeboy! I cruise his list for all my whims and wishes.

My luck with the site is spotty, but patience and persistence nearly always pay off. I generally search for the same items each week, skimming for what's available, how it is priced, and where it is located.

After months with zero results for "director's chair" there are suddenly plenty available, and at 20% the cost of a new one. I now have a tall, portable throne on which to perch at craft fairs so that I'm nearer to eye-level with browsers and shoppers.

Around the holidays, I found this great chrome garment rack with adjustable arms that will be just right for craft shows.

I'm still in need of a dolly/hand truck, a patio set, and some other miscellany, but the hunt is nearly as fun as bagging my game.

PS: Another CraigsList activity I find intriguing is typing my own town into the search bar just to see what people in my community are trying to get rid of (mostly vehicles and boats). The "Missed Connections" are a reader's treat as well.


  1. I love Craigslist. You're right about perseverance being the key. I hit the local CL about once a week to see if anyone is selling what I'm looking for.

  2. yeah, craigslist is so cool! didja know there's a nerdcore rap song called "craigs list" by schaffer the darklord? it's a song detailing how the list started (nsfw, but hilarious!):

  3. Cool that you found a garment rack...what a great find!