Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Dreamy Day

I spent part of Monday in St. Louis to chase down some Craigslist deals, cheesemaking supplies, and bargain goods.

As much as I enjoy the rural life, there's no comparison to cities (and even some suburbs) when it comes to shopping and dining options.

The aisles of Whole Foods Market had me inhaling deeply to appreciate each sumptuous scent.

The Kitchen Conservatory was drool-worthy for entirely different reasons.

And what a day of kismet! Every place I went, I ended up in conversation with someone with whom I had a lot in common:
--the friendly clerk at REI grew up a mile from the house where I now live (70 miles from that store), and I work with his mother;
--a woman in line behind me to try on deep-discount clothing has ulcerative colitis too, and we commiserated about meds and side effects;
--a woman I met to buy a chair via Craigslist was also a teacher, and had a son the same age as mine;
--immediately after deciding reverse applique is so fun that I want to do a lot more, I found a pile of plain tee shirts on the clearance rack at Target.
--the exact items I intended to buy for my husband and son were 50% off of sale prices.

[Sorry for the picture-less post...don't you just hate those?]

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