Saturday, January 17, 2009

Skin Care Revolution/Revelation

Confession time.

I didn't have much acne trouble as an adolescent. When, in 9th grade, I began to get pimples on my forehead and the sides of my face, I simply stopped using hair spray (it was the 80's) and the zits pretty much went away. I appreciated my clear-skin luck.

Pregnancy, however, brought with it frequent and ugly blemishes. I attributed it to hormone differences, but although my son arrived nearly four years ago, two or three marks continue to plague me each week.

I thought I knew what to do. I used a cotton swab with quality astringent every morning, and sometimes spot treated later in the day. After a friend confided that a the magic formula for drying them out, I sometimes slept with a dab of toothpaste on my pimples.

Last week, I read a headline on the Yahoo homepage: Six Biggest Skin Care Mistakes. It informed me that drying agents did not help, and might even exacerbate my problem.

Vanity convinced me to quit the Neutragena astringent.

In the past week, I've used only water to wash my face, then followed up with the Aveeno moisturizer + SPF that I like.

I did end up with a few more pimples than usual, but they were small, faintly hued, and quick to depart. A quick brush of powder all but eliminated them from sight.

Just like eliminating hair spray, this simple change has drastically improved my appearance. Check out the short article linked above. Maybe you can feel good about your skin again too!

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