Friday, May 22, 2009

Nice to Come Home To

Rebecca Flowers' book has a great title and a great last line, but don't peek!

It's understandable, considering it's literary model, but at the outset Pru is lacking dimension. After nearly 100 pages, I was ready to commit and finish reading the novel. Suddenly, I cared. The conflicts were piling up, needing resolution.

Though I appreciated and admired the scenes, phrases, and metaphors, sometimes they seemed forced. It's as if Ms. Flowers was determined to include each great idea and observation she's had, even if it wasn't a perfect fit.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and continue to think about its characters and setting. Pru became fully realized, and her Patsy's situation was entirely lifelike and compelling.

The character John Owen is just right (very Austen). I recommend perusing this author's website and blog, which are entertaining and helpful for aspiring writers, and for her fans.

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