Sunday, May 10, 2009

"That's for girls"

Last summer, I found an adorable boy's Gap-brand ski sweater at a thrift store. When fall arrived, I encouraged my son to wear it, but he never would. Finally, he told me to stop telling him to wear girl clothes, and I understood. Since his dad never wears sweaters, our boy thinks they're feminine. Booper always chooses his own clothes, and has very particular ideas about the colors and textures of what he wears. This sweater didn't have a chance.
I still liked it, though, and by January I decided it was time to experiment with upcycling knitwear. I cut up the sweater and created this bag, lined in red. The strap is constructed from the sleeves, and a cuff now serves as a closure piece. It took until last week before I added the finishing piece: a button. Now it's ready to be made useful.

The project was a learning experience, and there are a few more sweaters (washed hot and then felted in the dryer) in my sewing room that I plan to transform.

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